Proceedings of the 69th Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

From November 6 - 11, 2016, more than 300 fisheries biologists, students, scientists, marine protected area (MPA) researchers, managers, fishers, and representatives from various government departments and conservation groups from Caribbean countries met in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands to explore how they might build networks of people, institutions, and protected areas to further the conservation of marine resources, habitats, and fisheries throughout the region. The 69th Gulf Caribbean Fisheries Institute was held at the Westin Hotel, and hosted by the Cayman Island Government Department of Environment. The theme of the Conference was "Fishing for Fun, Food, and the Future: Fitting Recreational Fisheries into MPA Management". This initiative was based on the interests of the GCFI membership to integrate fishers’ experiences and knowledge in efforts to improve MPA management. This 69th Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute supports the idea that achieving and maintaining healthy coastal and marine ecosystems requires a fundamental understanding of the relationships between people and their marine environment. In particular, this program will emphasize the linkages between recreational fishing and the enjoyment of their marine resources, the economic benefits derived from these activities, and the long-term sustainability of traditional practices within fishing communities.