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Volume 4, Issue 3
July 2014

What does the science say about the ocean and coastal environments around you?

Florida Sea Grant is one of the region's largest publishers of science-based information. Here's the latest in print and online content from our researchers, faculty and staff.
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New on the Web 
artificial lure and leader Florida Sea Grant takes an international approach to maintaining fish stocks, testing whether artificial lures can be used to increase local seafood availability while reducing pressure on overfished stocks in the Caribbean. Read how this effort benefits fisheries across the region.
Sea Cows and science In Scallop Restoration in Southwest Florida, Florida Sea Grant agent Betty Staugler discusses her efforts to bring back Florida bay scallops in areas of southwest Florida where numbers are too low to harvest. With grassroots support from citizen scientists, there's hope bay scallop populations across the state can be restored to historically abundant levels.
Aquaculture Have a couple minutes? Watch the all-new 2012-2013 Program Highlights featuring news about Florida Sea Grant's rapid response to the collapse of the Apalachicola Bay oyster fishery; recent scholarship and fellowship winners; and inspiring volunteers from around the state that are working with Sea Grant agents to restore coastal habitats.
Aylesworth scholarship Florida Sea Grant has received over $300K to support Gulf oil spill science outreach and education. Funded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, the project will create a new science education program that disseminates key oil spill research results to industry and community audiences.
SLR puts the squeeze on coastal ecosystems Just in time for scallop season, the all-new Recreational Harvesting of the Florida Bay Scallop: Citrus County features a full-color map identifying access routes to the boat ramps and marinas in Citrus County near Homosassa and Crystal River, plus the latest information on scallops and scalloping, the recommended equipment you will want to bring, and a few tasty recipes for preparing Florida's best summertime catch.
student scholarship poster

A free poster! How much is known about marine baitfish and its prospects for aquaculture? The colorful poster Common Marine Baitfish: A Floridian's Guide to Baitfish Aquaculture Potential uses a simple rating system to demonstrate which baitfish are best for aquaculture based on the latest research. Request a copy by emailing

climate change and risk perceptions With many environmental pressures facing Florida, natural resource managers are trying to prioritize. In the journal article Investigating the Connections Among Ecosystem Pressure, States, and Services in a Complex Coastal System, managers use a real-time polling process faciliated by Florida Sea Grant to identify the most pressing environmental issues in South Florida and how to manage them.
fishing from beach Bag and size limits may not always be effective if unwanted fish are not released properly. In the journal article Effectiveness of Size Limits and Bag Limits for Managing Recreational Fisheries: A Case Study of the Gulf of Mexico Recreational Gag Fishery, Florida Sea Grant researchers examine the trade-offs among sustainability, harvest and regulation efficiency, bag limits and mortality rates.
construction on waterfront PaV1 is a virus prevalent in spiny lobsters throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Healthy individuals can sense specific chemicals in sick lobsters and will make their homes elsewhere. In Spatial dynamics in the social lobster Panulirus argus in response to diseased conspecifics Florida Sea Grant researchers examine whether the movement of the lobsters results in higher predation of the healthy individuals.
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Also Online: The National Sea Grant Library provides the only comprehensive and searchable collection of Sea Grant–funded documents from the 33 Sea Grant programs across the U.S. Many are full text.

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