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Volume 5, Issue 1
January 21, 2015

"Published by Florida Sea Grant, authored by scientists worldwide."

Welcome to the latest in print and online content from faculty and staff at Florida Sea Grant.
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New on the Web 
Artificial Reef Summit Did you miss the 2015 Florida Artificial Reef Summit? Not to worry! This year, the Summit was live streamed, and archived videos of the sessions can be found at the Summit website.
shark corner button Many boaters are unaware their onboard habits may be threatening underwater coastal habitats, but a new iPhone app can tell them in real time when they’re approaching areas where extra care might be needed. Read about the free "Reel Florida" app in our web story and then give it a try.
aquaculture Boating, strolling, swimming -- Floridians have many ways to access their coast, but it may come as a surprise that the majority of the state's beaches are privately owned. Our new website, Waterways and Waterfronts: Accessing the Florida Coast, provides information about what's open for public use, backed up with legal precedents and case studies prepared by Sea Grant legal specialists.
aquaculture Do you grow clams? Thinking about getting in on the state's growing aquaculture industry? UF/IFAS Extension now makes available a new and improved website full of timely information and research updates for clam and oyster growers across the state and southeast U.S. Visit Florida Shellfish Aquaculture.
vase sponge An endangered green sea turtle named 'IFAS' is now recovering from surgery performed to remove life-threatening tumors from its eyes. Florida Sea Grant Agent Shelly Krueger rescued 'IFAS' during a snorkeling trip in the Lower Florida Keys with the Florida Master Naturalist Program. You can find updates on his condition in our web story.
Mike Kane Two graduate students at Florida universities have received the John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship, recognizing their outstanding achievement in marine and coastal policy research. Read our web story to learn more about the fellows and what they plan to accomplish in the nation's capital over the next year.
biscayne bay water quality

The 2015 Florida Artificial Reef Summit Absracts and Program contains the meeting agenda along with recent research about artificial reefs. Meeting discussions focused on reefs and site development, fisheries management, ecology, restoration, permitting and more.

Sponge restoration cover

Tracking Economic Benefits Generated by the Hard Clam Aquaculture Industry in Florida provides an estimate of the impact of the hard clam industry to the Florida economy, as well as comparisons to two previous economic impact studies that provided estimates of the contribution of this relatively new industry.

Sponge restoration cover

Economic Consequences of Harmful Algal Blooms: Literature Summary summarizes existing research related to the economic risk of harmful algal blooms. This information is critical to help direct the appropriate level of resources toward investigating potential prevention, mitigation, and control strategies.

Sponge restoration cover

The body size of zooplankton has many substantive effects on the function of aquatic food webs. In Temperature effects on body size of freshwater crustacean zooplankton from Greenland to the tropics, Sea Grant director Karl Havens and colleagues test the hypothesis that the body size of cladocerans, calanoids, and cyclopoids declines with increasing water temperature, a response documented in an earlier study that considered only cladoceran zooplankton.

Sponge restoration cover

Mussel farming is extensive and economically viable in Greece, but profitability is diminished for small farms, which represent a major part of the industry. Risk Factors Affecting the Profitability of the Mediterranean Mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck 1819) Farming in Greece discusses how the sector needs to be restructured and organized so smaller producers can achieve economies of scale.

One aspect of evaluating the successful restoration of Florida's natural coastal communities is measuring restored ecosystem services. Ecosystem Services Valuation for Estuarine and Coastal Restoration in Florida provides a literature review of ecosystem measurements from Florida's five natural community types to improve the measure of the full impact of restoration efforts.
OARS report cover

The western Baltic cod is one of the first fish stocks in Europe that, since 2013, includes recreational catches in stock assessment and fisheries management advice. Does recreational catch impact the TAC for commercial fisheries?  investigates the sensitivity of the calculated commercial total allowable catch to including recreational catches in stock assessment. 

biscayne bay water quality The UF Oyster Recovery Team has released an Apalachicola Community Listening Session report. The report summarizes results of a meeting held in early October to facilitate discussion due to concerns expressed by seafood workers and Apalachicola Bay residents about a possible closure of the bay to oyster harvesting, and a perceived lack of transparency in spending recovery funds.
gcfi conference logo thumbnail The papers of more than 420 fisheries biologists, students, scientists, and representatives from Caribbean countries attending the 2014 Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute annual conference are compiled in these 66th Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute. Themes include building networks of people and habitats to further the conservation of marine resources and fisheries throughout the region
biscayne bay water quality

(Portuguese only) Nos dias atuais, a humanidade está enfrentando grandes problemas de escassez e má qualidade em quase todas as águas interiores do Planeta. O livro Crise nas Águas, além de abordar a importância ambiental dessas reservas de água doce, também sumariza os seus principais problemas ambientais. A seguir, a obra passa a apresentar alternativas para superar a atual crise nas águas: educação, ciência, tecnologia e governança são tratados em destaque. O livro resulta de um programa de cooperação técnico-científica entre a Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – UFMG e a University of Florida Sea Grant Program.

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Extension Newsletters

A number of our current Extension faculty newsletters are online. Bookmark these sites for future reference:

  • "Aqua-Notes," from Maia McGuire: St. Johns and Flagler counties.
  • "The Marine Scene Plus!" from Betty Staugler, Joy Hazell, Bryan Fluech, and Libby Carnahan: Southwest Florida.
  • "Panhandle Outdoors," from Scott Jackson, Rick O'Connor, Erik Lovestrand, and Chris Verlinde: Northwest Florida.
  • "Extension Connextion," from Lisa Krimsky, Miami-Dade County.

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Also Online: The National Sea Grant Library provides the only comprehensive and searchable collection of Sea Grant–funded documents from the 33 Sea Grant programs across the U.S. Many are full text.

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