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Volume 6, Issue 2
April 13, 2016

"Published by Florida Sea Grant, authored by scientists worldwide."

Welcome to the latest in print and online content from faculty, staff and researchers at Florida Sea Grant.
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oil spill outreach publications Extension specialists with the Sea Grant oil spill science outreach program in the Gulf of Mexico produce a variety of publications and workshops sharing emerging oil spill science with decision makers and communities. These are their latest bulletins.
Millions projected to be at risk from sea-level rise in the continental us Sea-level rise is one of the most apparent climate change impacts facing coastal residents. In a recent article published in Nature Climate Change titled Millions projected to be at risk from sea-level rise in the continental United States, Florida Sea Grant researcher Jason Evans suggests that unless mitigated, sea-level rise could cause huge population movements equal to the Great Migration of southern African Americans in the 20th century.
Economic contributions of marine industries in southwest florida How much do coastal-related industries contribute to Florida's economy? Economic Contributions of Marine Industries in Southwest Florida, a report sponsored by the West Coast Inland Navigation District, evaluates the economic contributions of marine-related activities for nine southwest Florida counties.  
 Genetic and epigenetic differences associated with environmental gradients in replicate populations of two salt marsh perennials In Genetic and epigenetic differences associated with environmental gradients in replicate populations of two salt marsh perennials, Aylesworth Foundation fellow Christy Foust examines how the genetic structure of salt marsh plants such as cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) and sea-oxeye daisy (Borrichia frutescens) is affected by changing salinity. The team’s findings increase our understanding of how coastal ecosystems may adapt the impacts to climate change.
microplastics and the urban environment We live in a world where we are surrounded by plastic: from packaging materials and cutlery to plastic appliances and medical devices. Contaminants in the Urban Environment, an EDIS publication series that describes various contaminants affecting human and environmental health, now has a new installment focusing on microplastics.
polysaccharides as alternative moisture retention agents for shrimp Phosphates are used as moisture retention agents by the shrimp industry. Although they are effective, phosphates are expensive and need to be listed on a food label. Overuse can often lead to a higher product cost for consumers. Polysaccharides as Alternative Moisture Retention Agents for Shrimp investigates whether polysaccharides could be feasible as an inexpensive substitute for phosphates.
Current Management and Externalities in Lobster Fisheries Exploitation on the Continental Shelf of Ceara, Brazil The Brazilian lobster production and wholesale marketing chain is complex: vessels of varying size and different legal or illegal methods and fishing gear are used, and a significant part of the production is sold to middlemen who retain a large percent of the profits. Current Management and Externalities in Lobster Fisheries Exploitation on the Continental Shelf of Ceara, Brazil analyzes the extraction and management of Brazilian spiny lobster stocks.
the curious case of the eastern oyster stock status in apalachicola bay florida The Apalachicola Bay oyster fishery collapsed in 2012, leading to large economic losses and community concerns over the current and future status of oyster resources. The Curious Case of eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica stock status in Apalachicola Bay, Florida assesses what mechanism(s) may have led to the collapse, and the efficacy of alternative management strategies to accelerate recovery.
effects of salinity and inundation on microbial community structure and function in a mangrove peat soil. Shifts in microbial community function and structure can be indicators of environmental stress and ecosystem change in wetland soils. Effects of Salinity and Inundation on Microbial Community Structure and Function in a Mangrove Peat Soil evaluated the effects of increased salinity, increased inundation, and their combination, on soil microbial function and structure in the Everglades.
Candidate Species for Florida Aquaculture: Gulf killifish, Fundulus grandis Species selection in baitfish aquaculture is an important first step toward a viable business. Candidate Species for Florida Aquaculture: Gulf killifish, Fundulus grandis, provides concise information to help producers in make the most informed decisions possible when considering Gulf killifish aquaculture.
frequently asked questions about vibrio in Florida It's beach time again! Recently, the term “flesh-eating bacteria” has been used to refer to Vibrio, a type of marine bacteria found in Florida waters. This description is false and misleading and causes unnecessary fear and panic. A new fact sheet, Frequently Asked Questions about Vibrio in Florida provides guidelines to ensure that your time on the water is safe and enjoyable.
molluscan shellfish aquaculture and production In the past five decades, global fisheries and aquaculture have grown steadily, with molluscan shellfish such as clams, oysters and scallops being a major component. Florida Sea Grant aquaculture specialists explain how farmed molluscan shellfish contribute to aquaculture products worldwide in Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture and Production.
Navarre beach seashore life a folding pocket guide to familiar species Are you planning on visiting the Florida panhandle this summer? Navarre Beach Seashore Life: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species is something handy to bring with you on your next nature walk or beach trip. The guide is fully-laminated, and measures 22 inches, yet folds to a handy pocket size. To order copies, contact us at 352-392-2801.
Influence of Manatees' Diving on Their Risk of Collision with Watercraft Boats and other watercraft pose a threat to endangered Florida manatees. Influence of Manatees' Diving on Their Risk of Collision with Watercraft assessed the diving behaviors of nine tagged manatees to determine high-risk areas where they were most likely to be hit by boats to determine future protected areas.
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national sea grant college program 50 years of science serving americas coasts March 2016 marks the kickoff of the golden anniversary observance of the National Sea Grant College Program. This video and story reviews how Sea Grant has provided science to serve America's coastal communities for the past 50 years. For more information on the 50th Anniversary campaign, visit Sea Grant 50th Anniversary resources.
meet the 2016 florida sea grant scholars Five students from Florida universities have each received $2,000 from the Florida Sea Grant Scholars program to support their research in timely and innovative ocean and coastal-related studies. Read our web story to learn more about the scholars and their research.
meet the 2016 aylesworth scholars Two graduate students at Florida universities have been named recipients of scholarships from the Aylesworth Foundation for the Advancement of Marine Science. Read more about the scholars and how they will use their funds in our web story.
florida keys biscayne bay water watch Two Florida Sea Grant agents are developing water quality monitoring projects in South Florida that enlist residents and volunteers on the front lines of citizen science. Both programs train individuals to take monthly water samples at adopted sites, analyze the samples, and input their readings in an online database. Watch our video and read our web story to learn more.
Mahogany Youth Hooks Miami Kids on Fishing, Not Drugs Can learning to tie knots and cast lures really help children lead healthy, safe, and fulfilling lives?  Florida Sea Grant partners with Mahogany Youth Corporation to get at-risk youth in Miami hooked on fishing, science and the outdoors. Watch our video and read our web story to learn more.
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