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Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival, Feb 18-19, 10-6

A Festival with a mission!

All proceeds to FISH Preserve — A cause endorsed by famed ocean-explorer Jean-Michelle Cousteau.

Its beginnings were humble. Music, clog dancing, smoked mullet and fish chowder were among the big draws for the first one-day Festival. Organizers were hoping a few hundred folks would show up. To their surprise, over a thousand people descended on the historic fishing village of Cortez to gorge on delicious seafood and enjoy the Sarasota Bay shoreline. Just about all the food was gone by Noon.

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Sarasota Bay Watershed Symposium

Mark your calendars for Feb. 15-17, 2012: The Sarasota Bay Watershed symposium will bring together scientists, managers, local policy leaders, educators, and private citizens for discussions, networking and learning about Sarasota Bay issues. The last Sarasota Bay watershed symposium was hosted by New College 25 years ago. You can read more about the symposium at

Commercial Fishing for King Mackerel

Recently I had the privilege of accompanying Captain Tom Marvel, a commercial fishermen out of Naples, FL on a trip to fish for king mackerel. I’ve created a short video showing you what it’s like to go king mackerel fishing. Enjoy!

King mackerel, or kingfish are a coastal pelagic species, which means they live in the open water near the coast. They are also highly migratory.

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