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On August 4th, one hundred and thirty-seven citizen scientists participated in the 4th Annual Great Bay Scallop Search conducted in the Charlotte Harbor estuary waters of Lemon Bay and Gasparilla Sound.  The search is a way of assessing bay scallop distribution and trends in abundance over time in local waters.  This event was the first of four volunteer based scallop searches scheduled in southwest Florida.  The others occurred in Sarasota Bay, Tampa Bay and Pine Island Sound.

Volunteers who participated in the search attended a required training session where they received monitoring gear and instructions on how and where to sample.  The methods used are designed to provide uniform data that can be used to compare different areas of the bay, different areas of southwest Florida (Tampa to Pine Island Sound) and one year to the next.  It is important to note, volunteers do not look for every scallop in the study area, just those that fall within their narrowly defined search area.

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Summertime Fish Kills

Each summer, fish kills occur in freshwater and saltwater environments. They occur in natural systems, retention ponds and aquaculture production facilities. Such kills often occur seemingly unexpectedly, and many times result in emotional and/or economic loss.

There are a number of reasons for fish kills, but during the summer months, the most common cause is low dissolved oxygen.

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Crochet Coral Reef, See it before it Unravels!

(With contribution from Savannah Carr, St. Petersburg High School)
The word “crochet” is associated with scarves, sweaters and mittens too warm for Florida.  However, the Crochet Coral Reef has made the handicraft more significant to our local community.

Isaac Eyes Florida!

Tropical Storm Isaac has formed in the Caribbean and as of Thursday, August 23rd, the projected track puts nearly the entire state of Florida in the cone of uncertainty.  Portions of South Florida could begin to feel impacts from the storm as early as Sunday.

Now is the time to review your hurricane action plan.  Know your evacuation zone, prepare for your family and your home. If applicable, have a plan in place for your pets and your boat as well.  Factsheets by Pinellas County Extension on Preparing your Pet, Preparing your Boat, and Staying Connected During Storm Season are available at .  For additional information on preparing your boat, view the video created by Florida Sea Grant at

Are you a Florida Resident that Loves Seafood? Hates it? Buys it? Doesn’t Buy it? Florida Sea Grant Wants to Know!

image credit: NOAA

The University of Florida Extension Service and Florida Sea Grant are interested in learning about the perceptions and attitudes of Florida residents who do and do not buy and consume seafood. Please consider answering an informal survey, which should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Your feedback will help in the development of future university extension education and outreach programs.  Complete the Survey Here

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