What’s in Your Sandwich? Grouper Authentication Workshop





USF/ Florida Sea Grant sponsored workshop
St. Petersburg, FL
Wednesday, December 5th

Want to know what kind of fish is in your sandwich? So do many consumers. A recent study reported that over half the fish in the markets of South Florida is mislabeled. The University of South Florida College of Marine Science Microbiology Group has developed an innovative tool to identify the DNA sequence of Grouper Fillets and verify their authenticity.  This tool has many applications for wholesalers, fish markets, and restaurants.

Dr. John Paul and David Fries will introduce attendees to Novel Genetic Identification Technologies, Hands on Laboratory Training, and Data Analysis & Interpretation.  We will also be looking to the attendees for valuable feedback on how we can modify the tool to make it more user-friendly. Participants can bring their own grouper fillets for the test analyses.

Registration is available online at http://grouper.eventbrite.com/#

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