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New Geologic Discovery in the Florida Middle Ground

USGS Florida Middle Grounds Colm O'Reilly Spree Expeditions, Inc.The Florida Middle Ground is a set of ridges that lie in 85-165 feet of water, approximately 120 miles northwest of Tampa Bay. The Florida Middle Ground is a fisherman’s paradise. The complex structure of ridges and valleys far from shore attract marine life including fish and invertebrates. Until recently, scientists believed that the ridges are a relict coral reef

However, a 2010 US Geological Survey (USGS) expedition uncovered a different story.  Join us for Salty Topics on Thursday, December 5th at 6:45pm as Chris Reich, USGS, shares the new discover in the Florida Middle Ground! Salty Topics is at Weedon Island Preserve, 1800 Weedon Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33702. Register online at

Underwater drilling at 85 feet revealed that the core of the eastern ridge of the Florida Middle Ground complex consists of muddy sand that is capped by a 12-ft-thick sequence composed primarily of a single species of marine snail (Vermetid gastropods). The worm rock formed between 8,200 and 8,900 years ago.

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2012 Fisheries of the United States Report Now Available

Have you ever wondered….DSCN3892

Which U.S. port landed the largest quantify of seafood last year? How many fishing trips did recreational anglers take? How  much seafood does the average American eat?

Fortunately, the answers to these questions and many more can be found in NOAA Fisheries annual report, “Fisheries of the United States.”  The report for 2012 recently was published and provides a comprehensive overview of how our country’s commercial and recreational fisheries are doing. For example:

U.S. commercial fishermen landed 9.6 billion pounds of fish and shellfish in 2012, valued at $5.1 billion.

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