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Marine Life Harvesting Regulations Presentation

Recently, I’ve had several questions regarding the legality of harvesting live shells and other marine life such  as fiddler crabs, sand dollars and sea stars. In short, the recreational collection of sea shells is allowed depending on whether or not the harvested sea shell contains a living organism, the type of organism it contains, and where you will be collecting. The following presentation was prepared for county park rangers and resource managers in Collier County. The presentation addresses:

  • Jurisdiction for harvesting marine life in Florida
  • Basic license requirements

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Volunteer Boater & Snorkelers Needed

Join the University of Florida/Charlotte County Sea Grant Extension program, by participating in the 2014 Great Bay Scallop Search on July 26th, 2014. The search is a resource-monitoring program where volunteers snorkel, looking for scallops in select seagrass areas. The purpose of this program is to monitor and document the health and status of the bay scallop population.

For more information about the event or to register click here 

Reproductive Strategies in the Marine World

With the exception of humans, and our spayed and neutered pet friends, survival and passing on genes through reproduction are all encompassing for the remainder of the animal kingdom, the marine environment included. Marine organisms have a fascinating array of reproductive behavior patterns. They can be pelagic spawners, benthic spawners, nest spawners, or bearers of live young. They may be guarders, non-guarders, or brood hiders. Further they may have elaborate courtship or no courtship.

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So there you have it, a sneak peek into some interesting reproduction strategies employed by a few of our more remarkable marine species.


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