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Historic Fishing Village of Cortez Has a Dream

Large-Scale Habitat Restoration Begins

Join the fun, be a “Grouper Groupie”  Feb 14-15, at the Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival and witness a village dream becoming a reality.

Using the proceeds from the festival and partnering with a number organizations, the village has begun the serious task of restoring 100 acres of Sarasota Bay shoreline.

You will have a blast! Music, dancing, delicious seafood, and much, much more in the historic fishing village of Cortez. Spend a day strolling through or a piece of what old time Florida looked like.

While having fun, you will learn more about where your seafood comes from.

And, you will be participating in an important cause. The festival’s mission is endorsed by fame ocean-explorer Jean-Michelle Cousteau.

“Your FISH Preserve is very impressive” wrote Jean-Michel Cousteau, founder of the Oceans Future Society. “Its economic value cannot be judged in terms of dollars alone. I have seen from many places around the world, communities like the fishing village of Cortez, suffering from the demise of the natural resources base on which they depend. Your project is an important reminder of the vital connections between nature and humanity.”

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