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Florida Sea Grant Extension & Education Program

Florida Sea Grant Extension & Education Program

Pumpout Nav App (coming soon to Florida!)

Florida has over 1,350 miles of coastline and the highest level of recreational boating in the nation. With our mild climate, diverse ecosystems and abundant marine life it’s no wonder why boating is on the rise. However, increased outdoor activity means increased pollution which can negatively impact water quality and human health. Given the large number of boats in the state, even a small amount of sewage from a fraction of the boats can be harmful. So, Florida Sea Grant is making it easy for boaters to properly dispose of their sewage waste by adopting the Pumpout Nav app. 

Pumpout Nav is a free iOS and Android mobile app that shows boaters where the nearest sewage pumpout or dump station is located on a map or list view. The app also provides the boater with information regarding pumpout cost, access hours, the exact location within the marina, and educational information such as guidance on how and why to pumpout.  Additionally, boaters can easily ‘report a problem’ directly through the app, log their pumpouts, and star their favorite facilities.  

A map from the Pumpout Nav appA screenshot of the Pumpout Nav app

As a marina or boating facility, listing your publicly available sewage pumpout or dump station on the app will draw positive attention to your facility and show you care about water quality and the environment. It may also help draw more customers to your facility.  

Florida Sea Grant is currently collecting the information needed for Pumpout Nav from marinas and boating facilities.  If you’re a marina or boating facility, please take 10 minutes of your time to complete this short survey.  We hope to get the app populated with Florida pumpouts and dump stations by July 2022.  

Don’t have any sewage resources available to the boaters at your facility?  Consider applying for a Clean Vessel Act grant from Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the installation, repair, or replacement of stationary pumpouts, portable pumpouts, pumpout vessels, and dump stations. The Clean Vessel Program can fund up to 75 percent of eligible project costs. 

Do you have questions or concerns about boater sewage management at your facility?  Contact Vicki Gambale

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