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Florida Sea Grant Extension & Education Program

Florida Sea Grant Extension & Education Program

Reducing waste production in your daily life


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Outreach materials

Microplastics Fact Sheet (pdf)

5 Things You May Not Know About Plastic Recycling (pdf)

Bioplastics: A better option for the environment? (pdf) This fact sheet explains about the different types of bioplastics, what "compostable" means when it is used to describe plastic and ways that bioplastics may not be as different from petroleum-based plastics as you think.

Microplastic Awareness Month memes, infographics, etc. These graphics contain information about plastics and plastic pollution, as well as actions that people can take to reduce plastic waste.

The Product Stewardship Institute, with EPA funding, created this plastic reduction toolkit for colleges and universities (pdf)

8 ways to reduce plastic waste. Actions from the pledge in a printable one-page graphic.

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Questions? Contact Maia McGuire