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Florida Sea Grant Extension & Education Program

Florida Sea Grant Extension & Education Program

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Resources for marinas 

  • Pumpout Grants

    Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Clean Vessel Program can fund up to 75% of eligible project costs relating to installation, operations, and maintenance of: 

    • Stationary Pumpouts 
    • Mobile Pumpout Carts 
    • In-slip Pumpout Systems 
    • Mobile Pumpout Vessels 
    • Sewage Dump Stations 
    • Connection to Sewage Lateral 
    • Sewage Hauling 

    Grants are reimbursement based and a grant agreement must be executed before any project costs are incurred.  If you have received a grant in the past, you may receive another one. Learn more and apply at Clean Vessel Act Grant Program | Florida Department of Environmental Protection 

  • Pumpout Maintenance

    Oregon Sea Grant has developed a series of videos about sewage pumpout station and dump stations.  Watch these videos to learn about the different pump types, maintenance tips, troubleshooting problems, and more.  Recreational boating - YouTube      

  • Clean Marina Certification

    The Clean Marina Program is a voluntary designation program that encourage marine facilities to incorporate environmental Best Management Practices, which exceed regulatory requirements.  

    Participating has many benefits. Here are just a few: 

    • A 10% discount on state submerged land lease fees.
    • Enhanced public image. 
    • Reduced pollution and improved water quality.  
    • Reduction in environmental liability insurance premiums. 
    • Free publicity through program promotion, newsletters, workshops, and Florida Clean Marina marketing.  

    This is a non-regulatory program implemented by Florida Department of Environmental Protection. For more information and to get certified visit Clean Boating Programs | Florida Department of Environmental Protection 

  • Pumpout Nav Marketing Materials

    Whether your facility is included in the Pumpout Nav app or not, it’s a great resource your boaters should know about.  Use our marketing materials to help us advertise the app: 

    • Use our press release to include a story about the app in your newsletter or as a billing insert.
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Download the FREE Pumpout Nav app, to find a public pumpout, mobile pumpout vessel or dump station.

Do you know of a public pumpout missing from the app? Let us know by filling out this survey 

Why Pumpout? 

How to Pumpout 

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Laws and Regulations 

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